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The Prince of Butterflies

By Bruce Coville

Probably my favorite of my children's book's to date. It all just came together; a great story, the pictures worked out the way I wanted, a wonderful editor. As a creative project, this was a great experience.



By Julius Lester

When Julius Lester requests you to do a book. You don't say no. This book was very satisfying from an artistic point of view. I thought the nature of the story demanded a different approach than I had used with my previous books. It was unpredictable, but that's also what made it fun!


On Christmas Eve

By Liz Rosenberg

This was a challenging story to illustrate in that it had to have some depressingly realistic elements, like the motel and environment, but then had to have moments imbued with magic. Not an easy pair to reconcile.


Right Here on This Spot

By Sharon Hart Addy

My first true picture book. I think I made about $.12 an hour, (47 pieces of art in a 27 page story) but I had a lot of fun, and I'm still happy with the book years later.


The Stone Fey

By Robin McKinley (Out of Print)

My first book for children, though technically it's considered a "storybook." (more words/less pictures)
One of the fun things to come out of this book was Hairy, my dad's border collie was "adopted" in exchange for a painting! (I met the breeder and photographed her dogs to play "Aerlich" in the story.