The Stone Fey

by Robin McKinley

Maddy has been roaming the Hills of Damar with her sheep since she was a girl. The Hills hold everything she desires: her family; her beloved dog, Aerlich; and soon, her fiancé, Donal, who will be returning from a year away. But one evening a lamb is lost, and when Maddy goes back to find him, she discovers something else the Hills possess. Something that will change her forever.


ISBN #: 0-15-200017-8

Reviews and Honors

The Best Children's Books of the Year, 1999
Bank Street College of Education

"…this beautifully illustrated fantasy tells of Maddy, a young woman who lives at home during the year her fiance, Donal, goes away to earn money for their future. […] Every few pages, a large watercolor-and-pencil illustration appears, sometimes portraying the characters rather realistically and at other times offering quite beautiful, impressionistic interpretations of the characters and the land. A haunting story in a handsome book."

"John Clapp's illustrations of the landscape of Maddy's Hills evoke the mystery of the British Isles; they induce in the reader a willing belief in the existence of Stone Feys and other magical creatures."
Children's Literature

"Full-page graphite and watercolor illustrations reminiscent of Barry Moser feature well-articulated faces, starry skies, and green vistas that emphasize the pastoral nature of the fantasy."
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"John Clapp's lovely watercolors perfectly capture the mood of this haunting, innocent exploration of the nature of romantic love."

"...dreamy watercolor and graphite paintings reminiscent of the work of Barry Moser, heighten the quiet drama of McKinley's prose. The best of [Clapp's] landscapes evoke the serene stillness of McKinley's writing; one portrait of Maddy, with its masterful play of light and shadow, particularly showcases his craft, as it glows with the power of burgeoning love."

Publishers Weekly