I am an avid reader. While my education at Art Center was priceless, and no amount of book study could have matched it, the fact that I'd read as much as I had about art prior to college helped build a solid foundation for the instruction to come.

I strongly encourage my students to read and study from books as much as possible. To that end, I've posted these lists of books (organized by subject) that I consider to be the definitive texts on their various subjects.

(A few years ago, one of my students asked in disbelief, "You mean you read all those books?!?" In fact, for every book on this list, there are probably 8-10 on the same subject that I've read and/or own, but have NOT included here, because it simply wasn't that good. You've got to read them folks or they're just really attractive paperweights.)

For the self-motivated student, there is a tremendous amount of knowledge here:

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Artists & Art History

Miscellaneous Art


Non-Art Books I Really Enjoyed