Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!


Wow, it was quite a year.

Since my last posting:

June 2009: Took my 3rd group of SJSU students to Paris.

June 2009: Received a Fulbright Research/Scholar Award to spend my sabbatical as a guest instructor for the Animation program at Gobelins l'ecole de l'image in Paris.

July 2009: Received tenure and promotion at SJSU.

August 2009: Moved in with my fiancee (From Livermore to Menlo Park, CA.)

November 2009: Found out that Zully and I are expecting our first child in June 2010.

January 2010: Leaving in a few days for 4.5 months in Paris.

I'm tired just reading all that.

I may try to keep friends updated regarding my stay in Paris while I'm there. If I do, anything will appear on this blog instead. (easy to work on while away from home.)


Un voyage merveilleux! I'm currently crossing my "t's" and dotting my "i's" in preparation for this year's SJSU A/I class in Paris! This year we have a blog, so friends, family, and fellow Shrunkenheadmen can follow along, if only vicariously! Check it out at:


It has taken far too long . . . but the SJSU Animation/Illustration program finally has a worthy web presence thanks to our intrepid Lizz Briggs. (And a snappy url!)  To see what has been happening in the program lately, visit to see all kinds of wonderful things. Don't miss my faculty page with the wonderful illustration of my favorite classroom aphorism!

In fact, the site looks so good that it's inspired me to clean up, update and revise some of the items on my own site. So come back soon, some big announcements are forthcoming!


We're heading back to Paris! I've updated the FAQ to reflect the changes for the 2008 trip, and posted updated applications and directions for submitting. The brochure has also been posted, detailing what the class is about, how it is going to run, and other information. Follow this link to access all things related to the Paris trip! Applications are due by December 1st, 2007.


A long time without an update and a lot has been happening! The month of June was spent in Paris with 14 of my students from SJSU. We painted in Monet's Gardens at Giverny, heard Mozart performed by a chamber quartet in Ste. Chappelle, and experienced other "goosebump moments" on a daily basis!
(Readers local to SJSU, there will probably be a gallery show of work from the trip at SJSU sometime this Fall. Watch this space for details.)

After the class was over I travelled by myself through the south of France and on to Madrid and its museums. (I never would have believed it, but the Prado is my third favorite museum in Madrid. (Go see the very respectable but overshadowed Thyssen collection, and, for painters, the remarkable and intimate Joaquin Sorolla Museum.)
After returning to the states, I was off to the redwoods to recover . . .

But now it's back to work. School starts in two weeks.


More Paris info! I've updated the FAQ, posted updated applications and directions for submitting, and also posted a brochure detailing what the class is about, how it is going to run, and other information. I've even added a special logo! :)  Follow this link to access all things related to the Paris trip! Applications are due by February 1st, 2007.


I just found out that my proposal for a "Study Abroad" class has been approved! In June 2007, I'll be taking 16 SJSU Animation/Illustration students to Paris, France for 21 days.

SJSU students, for more information including a FAQ and the "application questionaire" follow this link! Applications are due by February 1st, 2007.


This update is not in any way related to the site, but for the benefit of those of you who know me personally but perhaps haven't seen me in a while, I thought you should know that my wife Mary and I decided to end our marriage as of the beginning of this year. Please understand that condolences, etc. are not necessary. It definitely is not what either of us expected to happen, but Mary and I are still on good terms, no dramatic objects were thrown in the process, etc., we've just decided to go our separate ways and wish each other the best. All of my contact info will stay the same for those of you who have it. If you would like to contact Mary, just send me a note via email and I will put you in touch with her.


The FAQ's are finally up and running. (Except the Store FAQ which is okay because the whole section is still incomplete! If you have general questions that aren't answered there, PLEASE email them to me so I can add them to the list!


Once again this year, I will have a painting in a show at the Museum of Children's Art in Oakland, CA. The show is called Once Upon A Time and features the professional art of several children's book illustrators, along with a piece of art they did as a child. The show will be up from 9/27/2005 to 1/8/2006. You can get more info, including directions to the museum and their hours here.


After a year and a half, two web software changes, a new/old job, and other excitement, I'm re-launching my website with a complete redesign: lots of new stuff, (and familiar stuff) and a new arrangement of it all to better reflect what I do.

I hope you like it!

Watch your step!

Most of the site is up and running, but there are still a few areas I need some time to finish properly. Areas that aren't ready yet, but will be soon:

The fourth drop down menu (the store section) is one of my lower priorities. You CAN buy books, and buy art supplies already, but not any of my originals, prints, or paraphenelia yet.

ALL of the FAQ's are going to be coming later. (It's a lot of typing!) If you have a question in the meantime, go ahead and email it...maybe I'll put it in a FAQ!

The Search boxes, the "Before & After" Drawings, will also take a bit of work to roll them out. Also, I'm going to be adding the puzzles again soon, but I'm not sure where, and they are a slightly lower priority.

Let me know what you think!

Did I jettison your favorite part of my website? Or you can't find something? Just have a question or comment? Please send me an email and let me know! Oh, and if you find a mistake, a broken link, or something like that, please pass it along so I can fix it. Thanks!