Some of my Favorite Art Supplies

This supply list is of a different sort than the rest. I'm an art supply nerd. These are the art supplies that I love, the particular watercolor kit, or pencil case, the things that feel like "finds" to me. That one type of ________that I prefer over all others, or the nifty gadget that I never want to have to live without.

Some of these items are available through, but many of them are just links to websites where you can get more info or check it out.

(Note: if any of these companies want to start paying me for endorsements, now would be a good time...)

For clarity, I'm going to separate the items from the rest. Let's start with with the other lists, follow these instructions:

How to Order or View Supplies from Dick Blick

1.  Using your mouse, COPY the item number (Ctrl-C on PC's, Apple-C on Macs)
2.  Click on the banner below. This will open another window at
3.  PASTE the item number into the "SEARCH" box, (upper left) and follow the link to the appropriate page(s). (Ctrl-V on PC's, Apple-V on Macs)
4.  Find the individual item on the page if necessary, enter the quantity you want, and click "Add Items to Cart".
5.  Repeat as necessary.

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Available from Dick Blick:


Winsor & Newton Field Box # 00319-0004

My portable watercolor kit. I love this thing. Ask to make sure that it is the nicer version with the professional grade Winsor & Newton pans, as opposed to the "Cotman" (student grade) pans. Holbein also makes a nice travel tray if you want to use tube paints.


Isabey Collapsible Watercolor Travel Brushes # 05035-1104

I'm just putting one serial number here, but I own all three and I'm really happy with them.
$$ each. (3 different ones)


Arches Watercolor Block # 10020-1003

I don't use these in the studio, but they are really convenient when travelling! My personal preference is the 9 x 12 cold press.


Pencil Case # 22996-1048

When you sharpen a bunch of charcoal pencils, the last thing you want is for them to break off as you carry them around in your artbox. This case does a great job, but cut the "number of pencils" it carries by half or 2/3rds. I THINK I have the 48 count one and it carries about 20

And Links to Different Sites for other Supplies


If you are into plein-air painting or you want to be, this is THE plein-air kit. Impeccably designed, beautifully made. Effortless to use. Check it out! Tell them I sent you!


I think from now on, I'm going to have these people make all of my sketchbooks. Why? They aren't cheap, but they'll make it any way I want, and they have some really nice, heavy papers, one watercolor, one heavy ochre card stock, that I can easily paint on both sides with gouache. Wow. I usually buy a "double-ring", "memory book" with a plain cover. $$


Houtz & Barwick

The manufacturer of my plein-air "art stool". I really like it, but I recently saw another effective one a friend had purchased at REI. You can see it here.


B & H Photo

Where I get all my expensive camera gear. Period. They know everything you need to know. And very good prices too.


Light Impressions

A company specializing in archival storage paraphenelia. I actually have them make all my custom framing materials, and then everything together myself.



Okay, this one sounds dumb...I know...but I was looking for a "bulletin board" to use in my studio to pin up my roughs for my books. All the ones I saw in the office supply stores we're either too small or crappy looking. This company makes CUSTOM Bulletin Boards. (Dumb yes, but useful.) $$$$


Okay, there's nothing to buy here, but I love this site. I told you I was an art supply nerd. (What's scary is someone sent this site to me, KNOWING I would like it.)