Single Session Classes

This supply list is here only as a convenience to my students. By NO means am I requesting or suggesting that students purchase their supplies from through this site. If you choose to, wonderful, as the referral fees help to pay for this website, but mainly, I posted this page and these links so that my students could reference the EXACT item I'm recommending for class.

I do personally use to order the majority of my art supplies and have found them to be the most responsive, inexpensive, and helpful vendor for my supplies. The few times I've received an incorrect order, or an order with missing items, they have corrected it quickly with no questions asked. So I do give them my "seal of approval".

For the single session class, the materials list is pretty small. A good, cheap, black, ballpoint pen is suggested below, buy many brands will work. Add some decent paper, and a stable work surface and you're ready to go.

Things to Keep in Mind

Regardless of where you purchase your supplies, a few things to remember:

Pay very close attention to the terminology. Bristol Board is not the same thing as Illustration Board, and if you purchase "Hot Press" instead of "Cold Press" you'll be making another purchase shortly.

As a general rule, buy the best materials you can afford. Except for the crudest use, there is no such thing as a "bargain brush" or "good, cheap pigments". You get what you pay for. While a good artist can work with any materials, good materials make everything easier, and will allow a student to improve more quickly, because less time is spent struggling with the materials.

How to Order or View Supplies

1.  Using your mouse, COPY the item number (Ctrl-C on PC's, Apple-C on Macs)
2.  Click on the banner below. This will open another window at
3.  PASTE the item number into the "SEARCH" box, (upper left) and follow the link to the appropriate page(s). (Ctrl-V on PC's, Apple-V on Macs)
4.  Find the individual item on the page if necessary, enter the quantity you want, and click "Add Items to Cart".
5.  Repeat as necessary.

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Art 112A Supply List

Item Number





Drawing Board (the larger, or medium size is fine, it's a personal choice.)




Black Uniball Micro Ballpoint Pens



1-2 pads

Strathmore Drawing Paper Pad (either 14" x 17" or 18" x 24". Buy it to fit your drawing board.)


= Approximate Total Cost

* = Highly Recommended brand, etc.

** = Required brand, etc.