Trip Information

10.23.2008 (update)

In June 2008, I will be taking 16 Animation/Illustration students to Paris, France for a class in Visual Thinking & Creativity. To apply for this trip follow these steps:


  1. Click here to download the Paris FAQ. (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) This will answer most of your immediate questions about the class.
  2. Download John's Application Questionaire. Fill it out using Adobe Acrobat electronically, OR , print out a copy and fill it out by hand.
  3. If emailing, send it to my clapp @ john clapp . com address. Be sure to put "SJSU"  in the subject line. Attach your "essay" as a second PDF page or word doc. If returning the form by snail mail, email me and I will provide you with a mailing address.
  4. If necessary, download the Brochure for the trip. (Adobe Acrobat PDF File) It duplicates much of the info on the SJSU Study Abroad webpage, but it is designed for printing, etc.
  5. AFTER you have been notified of your selection for the program, download the SJSU Application and submit it (via snail mail only) to Todd Oberson of the Study Abroad office at the address below.
  6. The SJSU application must be sent via snail mail to Todd Oberson at this address:

Todd Oberson
Study Abroad Office
Clark Hall Room 543
San Jose State University
One Washington Square
San Jose, CA. 95125-0221

Applications must be turned in to me by December 1st, 2008, but the sooner the better.

(only SJSU Animation/Illustration students are eligible.)

Please turn in your applications A.S.A.P!